Spiritual Leadership Podcast with Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D.
Calling all yogis, mystics, and spiritual practitioners! Welcome to your destination for the wisdom and tools you need to step into your role as a spiritual leader in today's modern times. We are being called to support others with our work, and make more impact with our gifts. Come learn exactly how to do this with the diverse tools of the Spiritual Leader including: yoga, astrology, tarot, psychology, alchemy, spirituality, divination, and ritual. No crystal will be left un-turned, and no incense will be left un-burnt! We are here to take a modern, grounded, academically-minded, and unapologetically honest look at the practices that make YOU an incredible modern mystic and spiritual leader! Renowned author and teacher, Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D. (The Yoga Doctor) walks you through mini masterclasses, educates you on essential yoga psychology wisdom, and provides step-by-step spiritual business guidance that is designed to help you take action in creating a thriving career serving others. With more than 20 years in the industry, three books behind her, and a Ph.D. under her belt, Alanna founded the Modern Mystics Academy, and trains yogis and spiritual practitioners worldwide in the same tools and techniques she brings to you right here on the podcast. Discover why tens of thousands of yogis turn to Alanna to become extraordinary yoga teachers and spiritual leaders, and implement practices that generate abundant results.

In this time of social justice, equality, and inclusion, it is important for us as spiritual leaders to practice good allyship and stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community members. Fellow yoga teacher and social activist, Jase Cannon, gives us great insight and suggestions on how to build more inclusive classes and community.

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During this time of social justice and civil upheaval, our ability to practice non-violence in its most fundamental way empowers us to be agents of positive change. Learn how this practice changes your life, as well as those around you and gives you the resilience to always make the best choices for yourself and the world at large.

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In light of recent police violence against people of color, including the death of George Floyd, our country has reached a boiling point. This podcast features social activist, yoga teacher, and mindfulness practitioner, Shawn J. Moore, who provides us with thoughtful strategies to lean into this evolution as spiritual leaders so we can better support ourselves and our community to create positive change.

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While many consider enlightenment to be the goal of yoga, it's not! That is just a practice that helps us to get better at the REAL goal of yoga: excellent decision making. Learn about the yoga sutra and how it supports viveka (discernment) as the goal of yoga...so you can say an enthusiastic, "Yes!" to your life!

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